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  • Longevity Research: Unraveling the Determinants of Healthy Aging and Longer Life Spans

    Most people know about the importance of eating a healthy diet, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding smoking to prevent disease and increase longevity. But researchers have identified many other factors—including genetics, social connections, early-life experiences, and even certain personality traits—that may affect life expectancy.

  • Fostering Economic Growth, Equity, and Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Family Planning

    Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) will be the world’s greatest demographic player this century—its population will quadruple from 960 million to about 4 billion and it will account for almost 100 percent of the world’s estimated 2 billion increase in workforce. This new report explores how family planning could and should play a much larger role in Africa’s future through strengthening global competitiveness, advancing equitable growth, and building resilience against natural and manmade stressors and shocks for families, communities, and nations across the region.

  • Men as Contraceptive Users and Family Planning Clients

    Overall use of contraceptives has increased globally, but use of modern male methods (condoms and vasectomies) remains low. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) target of universal access to reproductive health by 2030 will be difficult without men’s participation.